Monday, 4 February 2013

Last of Canada Reads: Indian Horse

Indian HorseI've finished the last of the Canada Reads books: Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese. Loved it! I can't say I was completely looking forward to reading it. Residential schools is a tough topic.

I should have known I could trust the Canada Reads group! It was very easy to read, subject not withstanding, compelling and gripping. Ojibway Saul Indian Horse initially lived off the land but was taken from the loving embrace of his dead grandmother to a residential school system where the priests and nuns were intent on literally beating the culture out of the residents. Saul's survival came in the form of hockey which Wagamese describes almost in dance-like description.

Hockey is a constant in his life and while he suffers some incredible lows, in the end, it offers him some hope.

I thought this book was masterfully written and really enjoyed it. It has an excellent chance (or should) of winning the Canada Reads competition.

Tomorrow, I'll give my thoughts on the Canada Reads competition. I just have to get them together!

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